ICE Launches Employee News Platform

Story by Lynda Monroe / March 7, 2023

As ICE continues to succeed and grow, making in-person announcements or communicating recent news and happenings often enough becomes challenging. In an effort to distribute...

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Involvement on CCR Leads To USC Interview

Story by / December 27, 2022

University of South Carolina college students invited Preston Felkel, the firm’s SC Structures Manager, to participate in an interview with other USC alumni who are...

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Recently Awarded Projects

Story by / December 29, 2022

The following projects were awarded to ICE between July 1, 2022 and December 29, 2022. (These new contracts do not include task orders, modifications, or...

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ICE Adding Lab Accreditations

Story by / July 7, 2022

(Story submitted by Chad Hawkins, South Carolina) The West Columbia lab took another huge step forward this week by adding to our testing accreditation the...

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