AWC/ICE Wins $202M I-26 at I-95 DB Project

November 2, 2023

ICE Team

  • Andy Gillis, PE (West Columbia) – Design-Build Coordinator
  • Clarke Hinson, PE (Charleston) – Lead Design Manager*
  • Mohan Atluri, PE, PTOE (Tampa) – Lead Traffic Engineer*

Road Design

  • Charleston: Clayton Calcagno, EIT; Bruce Leitner, PE; Ben Wagner, EIT; Ronni Turnbull, EIT

Structural Design

  • Charleston: Drew Pavy, PE; Tiffany Davis, EIT; Gabe Cain; Narges Tahaei Yaghoubi
  • West Columbia: David Yoder, PE; Keith Coogler, PE

Hydrology/Hydraulic Design

  • Greenville: Stuart Timmons, PE; Ryan Clarke, PE; Reagan Baumgarner, EIT; Ally Barrera

Traffic Engineering

  • Raleigh: Divya Pappu, PE
  • Houston: Darshan Padmanabha, PE, PTOE; Pragathi Kolimi, EIT

Geotechnical Engineering

  • Raleigh: Michael Simpson, PE
  • West Columbia: Jonathan Cranston, PE; Ammar Dossaji, EIT

IT Division

A special thank you to Matt Williams and Stephen McCracken for working with the design team on a smooth transition to utilizing OpenRoads Designer workspace being utilized on ProjectWise, SCDOT’s document management system.

*Designated Key Personnel assigned on the 26/95 Team. 

Conceptual Renderings




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