Celebrating ICE Birthdays in August

August 1, 2023

Happy August and Happy Birthday to all ICE employees celebrating a birthday this month!

August 1

  • Melbourne Arledge, Roadway Designer (Greenville, SC – Design)
  • Daniel Bowick, Inspector (Ladson, SC)

August 2

  • Josh Gaines, Technician (Virginia Beach, VA – Geotech)

August 3

  • Tiffany Davis, Structural Designer – EIT (Charleston, SC)
  • Shane Johnson, Sr. Geotechnical Project Manager (Raleigh, NC)
  • Mike Rausch, Quality Assurance Manager (Virginia Beach, VA)
  • Arthur Singley, Project Manager (West Columbia, SC)
  • Matthew Williams, Project Administrator (Raleigh, NC)

August 4

  • Robbie Arnold, Inspector (Greenville, SC – Field)
  • Peter Graf, Executive Vice President / Technical Director (Raleigh, NC)
  • Tyrell Richard, CEI Technician (Beaufort, SC)

August 5

  • Zach Rizk, Transportation CAAD Technician (Raleigh, NC)
  • Alexander Stronczek, Roadway Designer EIT (Greenville, SC – Design)

August 6

  • Robbyn Jennings, Project Manager / Project Administrator (Tampa, FL)
  • Amulya Kalathur, Roadway Designer (Norcross, GA)
  • Jacob Morris, Inspector (Lady Lake, FL)

August 7

  • Dillon Drennan, Inspector Trainee (Raleigh, NC)
  • Ethan Miller, Roadway Design Intern (Raleigh, NC)

August 8

  • Wyatt Ludlum, Transportation Technician Trainee (Raleigh, NC)

August 9

  • Mohamed Dao, Inspector II (Sandy Springs, GA)
  • Floy Graves, Marketing Coordinator (Tampa, FL)
  • Chris Lanigan, Sr. Inspector (Tampa, FL)

August 11

  • Khalil Ben Ghalbon, Field Engineer (Sandy Springs, GA)
  • Eric Lockwood, Inspector (Virginia Beach, VA – Geotech)

August 15

  • Samuel Gordon, Inspectors Aide (Tampa, FL)
  • Trey Reeves, Inspector II (Sandy Springs, GA)

August 18

  • Glenn Dickson, IT Support Specialist (West Columbia, SC)
  • Didier Nobels, Construction Project Owner Representative (West Columbia, SC)
  • Shaun Stargel, SC Director of ITS Services (West Columbia, SC)

August 20

  • Bill Bollman, Roadway Production Manager (Raleigh, NC)
  • Steven Gwinn, Vice President of CM CE&I Services – SC Upstate (Greenville, SC – Field)
  • Jody Kuhne, Project Manager (Weston, WV)

August 21

  • Divya Pappu, Traffic Engineer (Raleigh, NC)

August 23

  • Hamed Jafarian, Project Manager (Tampa, FL)

August 24

  • Ansel Stuck, Sr. Roadway Engineer (West Columbia, SC)

August 27

  • Tilden Fowler, Roadway Design Intern (Greenville, SC – Design)
  • Dennis Garber, Project Manager (Greenville, SC – Field)

August 28

  • Michael Henry, Inspector (Sandy Springs, GA)

August 31

  • Daniel Cooper, Structures Designer (West Columbia, SC)


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