ICE Mints Make an Impression

August 8, 2023

Georgina Acierto-Kent,  PE, a Senior Project Engineer in Chipley, Florida, recently attended a career fair to teach students about the field of construction and civil engineering. A few days after the fair, Georgina received a call from high school senior Kaylee, raving about ICE.

However, Kaylee’s exciteMINT didn’t only stem from her interest in an engineering career but also her love of our ICE mints that she received at the career fair.

After hearing how much of an impression our ICE mints made, Georgina decided to meet up with Kaylee with more ICE mints to share. When she met with her, they recognized each other! Kaylee was in the group that Georgina chaperoned for Construction Career Day.

Who knew that something as simple as mints could make such an impression! Thanks to our ICE mints, we now have an ICE fan for life!

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