ICE at Transportation Research Board (TRB)

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January 16, 2023

What is the Future of Seismic Bridge Design Attendees

The TRB held their 102nd annual meeting January 8 – 12, 2023 in Washington, DC. Attracting thousands of professionals from around the world, the meeting covered all transportation modes, with sessions and workshops addressing critical issues in transportation today. Guest speakers included U.S. Secretary of Transportation, U.S. Secretary of Energy, and National Transportation Safety Board Chair. Representing ICE at TRB, Lucero Mesa, PE, Seismic Engineering Advisor, is an SCDOT retiree and served as the Structural Support Policy Engineer before retiring, managing the Bridge Structural Design policies and Seismic Design policies for SCDOT. To further her experience and knowledge of today’s seismic susceptibilities and issues in bridge design and to enhance ICE’s repertoire, she attended TRB sessions including Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Bridges, What is the Future of Seismic Bridge Design, and Geoseismic issues of Bridges. In Addition, Lucero is a Member of the Seismic Design and Performance of Bridges Committee which was recognized for its exemplary best practice standing committee activities and the volunteer efforts associated with those activities. These committee members were awarded the Blue-Ribbon Award for serving as role models and sharing their experiences with others as well as for being visionary and proactive in addressing new and critical challenges to improve seismic design and retrofitting practices.