ICE Tampa Office Celebrates Recent Wins

October 27, 2023

The ICE Tampa Office hosted an office luncheon to celebrate recent wins from the Florida Local Government Team.

Huge shoutout to the Tampa Office for their continued hard work and dedication! Congratulations to Mohan Atluri, Jerry Dabkowski, Michael Schofield, Mike Allen, Chris Brimo, Shawn Pulley, Kristin Mamula, Jessica Gutierrez Saenz, and Racheal Bennett for the following projects and wins:

Sumter County:

  • ATMS/ITS Multi-Year Contract
  • BOCC blessing on 747 Preliminary Engineering Study
  • Final Submittal on The Villages Cul-de-sac
  • Vulnerability Study
  • Celebrating 1-Year Extension

March 2023 Win:

City of HamptonICE was selected for a $600,000 CDBG grant as the engineer of choice for city water improvements (15% fee).

July 2023 Win:

City of StarkeICE was selected for a 3-year contract with extensions for the following services:

  • CEI Services
  • Engineering Services
  • Planning
  • Architecture
  • GIS Modeling & Mapping
  • Grant Applications
  • Additional Services As Needed

The City of Starke received a $10 Million grant for these services.

Other Notable Successes:

City of Holmes BeachGulf Drive; Roadway Design Improvements Project

City of GainesvilleMLK Sports Complex; Major Traffic Study

The VillagesCompletion of Four Cul-de-sac Designs

Pinellas ParkPickleball Court, Final Report Approved

Okaloosa CountyCollege Boulevard Final Concept

City of HamptonVulnerability Study

Information provided by Racheal Bennett and Kristin Mamula.


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