ICE Welcomes Summer 2023 Interns

July 19, 2023

This summer, ICE welcomed over 30 interns across 11 ICE offices:

South Carolina

Charleston Office
  • Matthew Schwab – Roadway Design Intern (Charleston, SC)
Greenville Office
  • Will Boggs – CEI Intern (Greenville, SC – Field)
  • Tilden Fowler – Roadway Design Intern (Greenville, SC – Design)
Ladson Office
  • Gabrielle Kohler – CEI Intern (Ladson, SC)
  • Evan Stroble – Survey Intern (Ladson, SC)
West Columbia Office
  • Joshua Collins – CEI Intern (West Columbia, SC)
  • Karsen Ferner – Materials Lab/Geotechnical Intern (West Columbia, SC)
  • Zeinab Bayati – Traffic Engineering Intern (West Columbia, SC)
  • Samuel Belue – Structures Intern (West Columbia, SC)
  • Keyon Berenji – Roadway Design Intern (West Columbia, SC)
  • Jenna Black – Water Resources Design Intern (West Columbia, SC)
  • Wyatt Hall – Materials Lab/Geotechnical Intern (West Columbia, SC)
  • Sam Hawkins – Geotechnical Intern (West Columbia, SC)
  • Hunter Lasater – Finance Intern (West Columbia, SC)
  • Ashlin Gibson – Structures Intern (West Columbia, SC)
  • Hana Shurafa – Materials Lab Intern (West Columbia, SC)

North Carolina

Raleigh Office
  • Karki Ramesh – Structures Intern (Raleigh, NC) 
  • David Broud – Water Resources Design Intern (Raleigh, NC)
  • Ellie Hannum – Water Resources Design Intern (Raleigh, NC)
  • Caleb Henderson – CEI Intern (Raleigh, NC)
  • Ethan Miller – Roadway Design Intern (Raleigh, NC)
  • Michael Enloe – Structures Intern (Raleigh, NC)


Atlanta Office
  • Alyssa Zandstra – Water Resources Design Intern (Atlanta, GA)
Norcross Office
  • Andrew Reid – Roadway Design Intern (Norcross, GA)
  • Christina Tong – Structures Intern (Norcross, GA)


Baton Rouge Office
  • Matthew Melsheimer – Airport Design Intern (Baton Rouge, LA)
Monroe Office
  • Olivia Knight – CEI Intern (Monroe, LA)


Tampa Office
  • Akram Shweil – CEI Intern (Tampa, FL)


Virginia Beach Office
  • Howard Cushman – CEI Intern (Virginia Beach, VA)
  • Will Buffkin – Geotechnical Intern (Virginia Beach, VA)

About ICE’s Internship Program

In the dynamic world of civil engineering, internships have become the bridge between theory and practice, propelling aspiring students toward a future of unlimited potential. At ICE, we take great pride in offering an exceptional internship program designed to cultivate the next generation of industry leaders.

Exposure to a Multitude of Disciplines

Our internship program serves as a gateway to a vast spectrum of disciplines within civil engineering. From roadway design, structural engineering (including bridge design), water resources, and environmental engineering to geotechnical engineering, traffic engineering, noise/acoustic design, utility coordination, airport design, site design, architecture, construction engineering & inspection, and material lab services, our internships offer an immersive experience across the diverse landscape of the industry. We offer the chance to explore multiple disciplines, gaining invaluable hands-on experience that transcends boundaries and broadens horizons.

Transcending Traditional Learning

The magic of our internship program lies in its ability to transcend the confines of traditional classroom learning. Our interns don’t simply observe from the sidelines; they are at the heart of the action. Working alongside our esteemed ICE engineers, they are entrusted with meaningful responsibilities that directly contribute to real-world projects. Whether conducting groundbreaking research, engaging in design tasks, or actively participating in construction engineering and inspection, they will catalyze personal and professional growth.

Nurturing Strong University Collaborations

At our firm, we understand the importance of fostering strong relationships with prestigious universities nationwide. We have cultivated collaborations with esteemed institutions such as Clemson, NC State, the Citadel, Trident, Kennesaw, and many others. Our track record of hiring exceptional interns from these universities and more speaks volumes about our unwavering commitment to excellence. To actively seek out extraordinary talent, we eagerly participate in university job fairs and events, providing a platform for aspiring students to connect with our passionate professionals and unleash their potential.

At ICE, we believe that internships are the stepping stones to a future of boundless opportunities in civil engineering. We provide an environment where aspiring students can thrive and unleash their true potential through exposure to diverse disciplines, transcending traditional learning, and fostering strong university collaborations.

2024 Internship Program

This fall, ICE will be on the hunt for 2024 interns, attending various internship and career fairs across the southeast at the following universities: Clemson University, Georgia Southern University, North Carolina State University, West Virginia University, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Georgia, The Citadel, Kennesaw State University, and the University of South Carolina. If you know any students interested in exploring a career in civil engineering, please spread the word! For more information about ICE’s Internship Program, please get in touch with HR Coordinator Jordan Bertanzetti.

Front Row: Ashlin Gibson (Structures), Zeinab Bayati (Traffic Engineering), Jenna Black (Water Resources Design); Back Row: Howard Cushman (CEI), Joshua Collins (CEI), Hunter Lasater (Finance)


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