Hydrology / Hydraulic Design

Our Hydrological and Hydraulic Services include: roadway drainage plans, bridge hydraulic analysis, storm sewer design, ditch design, culvert analysis, pond design, energy dissipation design, FEMA analysis, flood control modeling, scour analysis, riverine analysis for multidimensional flow, erosion and sediment control, NPDES permitting, stormwater management, cost estimation, value engineering, and quality assurance/quality checking. The ICE team is constantly training to stay up to date with the latest software and methods used in hydraulic designs.

The Hydrology Team members are also proficient in several other software packages, including but not limited to StormCAD, CivilStorm, HEC-HMS, XP-Storm, ICPR, HEC-RAS, SRH-2D. These members regularly attend seminars and training to remain up-to-date with new industry developments.