ICE Attends Several University Career Fairs

September 29, 2023

Happy career fair season! ICE attended three university career fairs this week in search of the best and brightest emerging talent. It was a pleasure to meet so many outstanding students eager to jumpstart their careers in the world of civil engineering!

Clemson University Career Fair



ICE Representatives: Jason Allison (Field Engineer | Greenville, SC), Ally Barrera (Water Resources Designer | Greenville, SC), Lexi Duncan (Hydro Designer | Greenville, SC), Sally Wolf (Talent Acquisition and Employee Development Manager | Charleston, SC) and Jordan Bertanzetti (Talent Acquisition Specialist | Charleston, SC)

University of South Carolina STEM Career & Internship Fair



ICE Representatives: Preston Felkel (Structural Engineer | West Columbia, SC), Ryan Chmielewski (Hydro Designer | West Columbia, SC), Daniel Cooper (Structures Designer | West Columbia, SC), Jeff Crisp (HR Director | West Columbia, SC) and Bree Long (Communications Specialist | West Columbia, SC)

Kennesaw State University STEM Career, Co-Op & Internship Fair

ICE Representative: Tyler Chaffer (Structural Engineer | Norcross, GA)


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