ICE Employee Visits Students for Career Day

<p>Stephen McCracken, a Roadway Designer at Infrastructure Consulting and Engineering, was among the many professionals taking time out to visit with students at Palmetto Scholars Academy in North Charleston&nbsp;on Tuesday, Apr. 16 for Career Day. He talked with students about roadway design and how it is only one of many disciplines in the Civil Engineering industry. He described his first interaction with engineering when he participated in a &ldquo;Bridge Pals&rdquo; program as a young student where he built a model bridge and applied weight to see how much of a load his bridge could handle (<em>left photo</em>). The students were intrigued and several described similar projects they built. Mr. McCracken asked the students to share their experiences with the group by having each draw their bridge model on a dry erase board.</p>

<p>In addition to explaining his day-to-day responsibilities, Mr. McCracken described the education required to become a Civil Engineer. He emphasized that while Math and Science are important in engineering, subjects like English and Speech are key in being able to effectively communicate with clients. He also explained that it takes a lot of creativity to be an Engineer when trying to come up with solutions to difficult problems.</p>

<p>The students learned salary ranges of Civil Engineers and Mr. McCracken stressed that in order to continuously improve and expand the current infrastructure system, Civil Engineers will always be in high demand. &nbsp;The conclusion of his visit consisted of a comparison of blue prints from the 1960&rsquo;s and current plans recently designed for Johnnie Dodds Boulevard Improvements project using Microstation.</p>

<p>Other professionals participating in Palmetto Scholars Academy Career Day included a Lawyer, a Journalist/Reporter, and a representative from the Wildlife Rescue/Rehabilitation Organization.</p>

<p>If you are interested in having an ICE professional visit your school for career day, please feel free to contact Lynda Monroe at lynda.monroe@ice-eng.com.</p>